How being bullied affects dating.

The victim of bullying may find dating more difficult, and the one dating them will also be affected. There are two main effects of bullying: insecurity and unconfidence.  Both impact dating.   

When someone is insecure and lacking self-confidence, they keep their guard up; they are defensive and afraid to be vulnerable. They are afraid to trust others. This holds them back from sharing about themselves and building a relationship.  They often lack the courage to make big steps, like getting into a relationship. 

If your fears and anxieties are coming from events in your past, you must do everything possible to not let that harm your present and destroy your future.

If you see that you are struggling, it is important that you get input from someone with an understanding of effective dating. You may benefit from guidance from a dating coach or a wise shadchan.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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