Know the difference between love and infatuation.

A relationship based on love is likely to stand the test of time; one based on infatuation won’t last. Love and infatuation can feel very similar. Make sure that what you have is (the beginnings of) real love, not infatuation.

Love comes from shared values and a common vision, along with a meaningful knowledge of and connection with another. Infatuation is based on heady chemistry, excitement about all the attention, and physical attraction.

Yossi Ives

Why am I not ‘falling in love’?

Some people don’t fall in love, rather they grow in love. And so, their dating experience and path to marriage is different from most. They won’t be getting those butterflies or heady feelings that many get. Still, they can ‘know’ that this person is a great marriage partner.

Yossi Ives

I really care for her, so why can’t I feel that passionate love?

You might be hoping that if you develop feelings towards, then your doubts will vanish. But it is your doubts that are making the chances of feeling love improbable. Go through the issues you have one by one and see if they really are deal-breakers. If they are not, you have to be willing to let them all go and start to “get in the moment.” You will see things change quite dramatically.

Yossi Ives