Player Syndrome: How dating can be too much about fun.

Some people treat dating only or mostly as a game, and seem resistant to developing a meaningful emotional connection and do not want to take the relationship in a serious direction. Often this is because of an ambivalent relationship orientation. They want the closeness, but they are not ready to be tied down. So they treat dating like a game. You can tell a player by the very dramatic gap between their nice manner and their dismissive attitude towards the relationship.

Devora Krasnianski

He says “I am not ready, let’s continue dating”. Should I agree?

Where is the request to continue the dating process coming from? Has overall compatibility been established? What do they say they need clarity on?

Especially important Is to be clear between the two of you as to what kind of clarity is to be gained during the next dates.

Set a goal and a timeframe. Not an ultimatum. Don’t pressure.

Sometimes, people get stuck. It is worthwhile to get professional support in making a decision.

Yossi Ives