The person has a psychological illness – should I consider it?

Psychological problems can cause enormous difficulties in a relationship, but there is also excessive fear and confusion around the issue. 

Just because someone is diagnosed with a mental disorder does not mean they can’t be in a normal, happy and very functional relationship. You may miss a chance to be with an amazing person in an amazing relationship because of the stigma of mental illness. 

Here are the most important points to take into consideration: 

  1. Always view mental health issues in the context of the overall person. Remember that there is a whole person here who may have many wonderful virtues. 
  2. Not all psychological issues are a “medical illness.” They are in the normal range of life challenges, and are no different to any other character flaws which we all possess. Become educated about the specific condition and level of severity. 
  3. Know yourself and what you are able to handle. People who are naturally more flexible and adaptable will much better handle the ups and downs of mental health issues. 
  4. People who have taken full ownership of a mental illness – even a serious one – and who have undertaken full treatment to address its effects are able to successfully enter a relationship (only then should they contemplate dating). 

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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