Coping with disappointment in dating: The Rollercoaster syndrome.

It is normal that even successful dating will be accompanied by some degree of disappointment, as it is almost impossible to find someone who is 100% what you prefer. However, some people are affected by what we call “The Rollercoaster syndrome,” which makes this a much more extreme process. Such people begin the dating by building up their date as “perfect” and “amazing,” and this excitement remains at implausible levels for a few dates. Inevitably, reality kicks in and it becomes clear that, like everyone else, your date has imperfections. Instead of the normal adjustment most people make, our rollercoaster type feels crushed and defeated. If this describes you, it is important that you adopt more proportionate reactions, and it would be best for you to take advice before bailing out. For many people, dating will involve a degree of coping with disappointment. It is important that you understand yourself well, and react appropriately.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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