Do I need therapy?

You are single and have been trying to get married for a while. Things are not going so well. You have dated a decent number of people, and not only have you not met ultimate success (hence your single status), but you have had several difficult experiences. You are unsure why this is happening, and some friends are urging you to get a therapist. You are reluctant and unsure. So, you are asking: do I need therapy?

The short answer is yes and no. If you need it, absolutely yes. But if you do not need it, certainly not. If you are considering this issue, we strongly recommend that you read the longer article.

But in very brief, there are three categories.

  1. Those who have no psychological concerns. Everything seems straightforward. No problem; they should get on with their life.
  2. Those who are clearly struggling in one way or another. For example, they experience long bouts of depression and can spend days unable to get out of bed. Or, they are the victim of child abuse and find trusting people extremely difficult. Clearly, therapy is imperative. There is no point dating until the issue is properly addressed.
  3. Those somewhere in the middle. They do not have a clearly diagnosable medical condition, but they are beginning to have a sneaking suspicion that things are not adding up for them. For example, they repeatedly choose to date people they later realize are unsuitable for them. Or they find themselves backing out of serious dating situations right before the prospect of marriage can materialize – and do not know why. For this, a relationship coach could be the most suitable route.

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