Are you fixated by appearance?

People often insist that the reason that they give such prominence to the physical attractiveness of their date is because it is greatly important to them. The reason why they have turned down so many dates is because they were not the “look” they are searching for. Perhaps. 

But what if there is something entirely different at play? What if, in truth, their emphasis on the physical attractiveness of the other person is a way to compensate for their own internal barriers? For example, some people find commitment enormously difficult, and they may hope that the other person’s good looks will provide the motivation to push past their difficulty. Without having any awareness at all, some people expect the ravishing beauty of their date to help them overcome the issues that affect them. Sadly, if that is the case, it won’t work. Whatever the other person’s level of attractiveness, your issues (if they exist) will not disappear.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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