Parent and child getting on the same page regarding shidduchim.

Most shidduchim are set up with the assistance and advocacy of the young adult’s parents (or another older family member). The young man or woman is dependent on their parents to find them a potential match, which makes communication between them vitally important.

Parents have to recognize that the young adult expects their views to be taken seriously, and will likely not respond well to pressure or manipulation. The parent should make the effort to understand and recognize their child’s perspective.

The young adult would do well to acknowledge the greater life experience of their parents, while respectfully asserting their own viewpoint. Above all, it is essential that parent and child are on the same page in terms of the qualities being sought in a shidduch. An open and respectful conversation is the best way to achieve that.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

  • Parent and child getting on the same page regarding shidduchim

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