From whom to take guidance.

Dating can get complicated. Most people would benefit from guidance. Few of us are so well equipped with wisdom and experience that we can proceed through the entire dating process without the benefit of guidance and support.

Maybe she is on the quiet side, and you are trying to figure out how to bring her out of her shell. Perhaps he comes across as fixed in his view, and you need to determine whether his personality is too rigid for you. Alternatively, it could be that there is somewhat of an age gap, and you need to decide whether this is a problem for you. You may be concerned that the dating is stagnating, and need to decide whether to take a break, end the dating, or continue going. The list goes on…

These are important decisions that could have a major impact on your life, so you want to get things right. It is not advisable to try to go it alone. Better, look for someone who can give you sound advice and useful feedback. Choose a person who you believe understands you and whose judgment and opinions you truly trust. Seek their counsel, and take what they say seriously. That is more useful than shopping around for opinions. Of course, keep your own mind; the ultimate decision is yours.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

  • From Whom to Take Guidance

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