I am looking for my soulmate; how do I know when I have found it?

Most people are looking for a special resonance between themselves and the person they choose to marry. They want to have that intangible sense that they have found “their other half.” What this is really about is a desire to reach a level of mutual acceptance and appreciation that is both thrilling and liberating.

Most people will have this experience. But, many people have particular complexities that prevent them – or certainly, make it a great deal harder – to fall headlong into loving bliss. They find they have to force themselves to get past the finishing line. They, too, typically wish for this “soulmate” experience, but it may not happen that way for them – or only partially.

If everything aligns on paper, be careful before you walk away. Often people abandon a date with truly great potential because they do not feel he or she is their soulmate. They do not understand that this is a direct result of their own psychological makeup.

For some people, “soulmate” means finding the one person who will fulfill all of their needs – a one-stop shop. In their perception, the person they marry has to be able to satisfy every yearning they have.

The reality is that very few people will succeed in marrying someone who can be their “everything.” Human needs are so diverse that it is not normally realistic to expect every need or desire to be met by a single individual – no matter how amazing and wonderful.

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