Do you have an “avoidance issue”?

You may find that there always is something that prevents you from reaching the engagement stage. Repeatedly you find that something impossible to ignore is bothering you, and you feel utterly unable to contemplate marriage. The idea of proposing or accepting a proposal for marriage fill you with dread. Each time, it seems that this is because there genuinely is a problem, but, in reality, that is not the reason.

What is really going on is that you have an “avoidant attachment orientation”, which makes the prospect of a lifelong commitment seem a terrifying thought. This can induce such a high level of stress that the idea of marriage seems incomprehensible. If this is what is happening it is an illusion, and you need help getting passed it. Otherwise, you will be causing yourself and others a lot of unnecessary pain.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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