You may be an idiot, but there is no obligation to show it!

Dating doesn’t have to be all serious. If you have a fun personality, let it show. Have a good time, and let your date have a good time. But don’t act the clown. Don’t do dumb things. Play it reasonably safe. You may think you know the person, but you don’t know how they will react to every antic. If you are serious about this person, don’t risk it by acting stupid. Dress respectably.

Dating is not the ideal setting for trying out your most questionable fashion purchases. Don’t consume alcohol, and if you do drink, stay sober. Don’t play pranks and don’t make a scene. Dating is not the occasion to see how far you can push boundaries. Dating is not an endurance test to assess how much you can get away with.

That was just in brief, now let’s go deeper Into things…

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