I have sensitive information to reveal: how can I do this while causing least damage?

If you need to disclose sensitive information, it is important that you handle the process in a way that will cause the least damage. While each situation is clearly different, there are some common principles. It is advisable to give off a realistic portrayal of life from the outset and weave into that the factors that will make your weakness seem less threatening.

Don’t try to portray your life as perfect in order to mitigate the imperfection. That will only exaggerate the impact of the eventual revelation. You can provide the context of your life that will make it easy for your date to see how you deal with and manage your issue. Adopt a wholesome mindset towards yourself and any imperfections you may have.

You need to know that you have much to offer in a relationship and that you are not determined by your greatest weakness. You do not need to project an image of perfection to be regarded as a valuable and desirable person. Frame your challenges in a positive light. Triumph over adversity is a characteristic that many will admire and appreciate.

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