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Marriage is a central life goal. And dating – as one’s route to marriage – likewise carries major importance. Yet, guidance for navigating the dating process is hard to come by. In particular, people desperately lack credible input for dealing with challenges and difficulties in relation to dating.

This DateWell website is a comprehensive resource to help singles and support networks (parents, shadchanim, mentors) to access valuable knowledge and insight to guide them in this journey towards making their most important life choice.

The site is divided into 6 sections: 1) Prepare 2) Navigate 3) Tools 4) Acquaint 5) Bond and 6) Commit.


Our resources are organized into six sections. Please click the section you prefer to see all the relevant content.



visual summaries
How to give a great compliment
The person has psychological illness
Knowing yourself, so you know who to marry
Are there actually two of you dating?
Don’t avoid uncomfortable conversations.
I have sensitive information to reveal.
First date didn’t go so well, is it recommended that I have a second date?
The person I am dating seems to think only about himself. Should I get out?
When dating does not work out, I take rejection very personally.
I am painfully quiet and find dating worrying and challenging.
Don’t settle for second best
Know the difference between love and infatuation
Why Can’t I feel that passionate love?
Should I Take a Break
The Rollercoaster Syndrome
Do you get stuck in the transition from “me” to “we”?