How being bullied affects dating.

More than the exact differences of your religiosity levels is the ‘what’ and ‘who’. What are the differences; are they major or minor? Who are each of you; how flexible are each of you?

“I can’t help who I am attracted to”

More than the exact differences of your religiosity levels is the ‘what’ and ‘who’. What are the differences; are they major or minor? Who are each of you; how flexible are each of you?

Be a sunshine, never whine

Most of us have plenty of reasons to complain. Life can be stressful, people let us down regularly, and on most days, something is likely

Pursue a meaningful life

When you show up on a date and you have a purposeful and meaningful existence, that resonates very strongly with the other person. They will

Avoid sending mixed messages.

Dating is all about figuring things out. It is therefore understandable that you may have moments of clarity and confusion, certainty and doubt, connection and

Don’t get possessive.

Some people have what is known as an “anxious attachment orientation”, which means that they hold on extra tight to the person they are attached

From whom to take guidance.

Dating can get complicated. Most people would benefit from guidance. Few of us are so well equipped with wisdom and experience that we can proceed

The dating process explained.

Dating can take two strangers who just recently had never even heard of each other, to become inseparable. Two people who have never met now

Do I need therapy?

You are single and have been trying to get married for a while. Things are not going so well. You have dated a decent number

Don’t put yourself down.

Some people have a sense of humor that is self-deprecating. Other just have a habit of identifying fault in themselves. Funny or not, it is

Don’t over-rely on your instincts.

Our instincts are amazing things that allow us to distill highly complex calculations into simple perceptions that allow us to make choices. However, sometimes our

Make an effort to look the part.

Sound too obvious to be said, right? One would like to think so. It is difficult to comprehend, but despite the obvious importance we attach

Replace judgment with curiosity.

The person you are dating expressed a view or preference that you find instinctively strange. Your instinctive reaction is, “you’ve gotta be kidding.” You may

Do you really need the alcohol?

You are dating to make the most difficult and important decision of your life; you could do with having all your faculties working properly. In

Are you fixated by appearance?

People often insist that the reason that they give such prominence to the physical attractiveness of their date is because it is greatly important to

Turn off your phone!

It is amazing that this even needs to be said. When you are on a date, you have just entered the “holy of holies.” Show

Beware of red flags.

It is a wonderful quality to be tolerant and accepting of others, but when it comes to dating this has its limits. As much as

Should I take a break?

Taking a break during dating is often a cop out and will not achieve anything. Most doubts or uncertainties regarding your dating partner are best

Know what you are looking for.

It is difficult to assess compatibility in the absence of criteria. Having a clear list of priorities against which to measure suitability will help you

Preconditions for dating.

A person does not have to be perfect to date, but a person does need to be in a fit mental state. Developing and maintaining