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I am attracted to smart people, is that a problem?

Many people find something exhilarating about dating someone particularly smart. They find it easier to respect the person and take them seriously. They find the conversation is more stimulating and engaging. Where it gets complicated is when people also want – or more likely need – other features in their spouse which do not necessarily go hand-in-glove with intellectual brilliance.

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How to be more interesting.

When you have an interesting life, you will have so much more to speak about, and you’ll come across as an interesting person. Your dates will be more engaging and meaningful.

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Finding out about a medical condition

If you are told that a potential shidduch has a medical condition, it is reasonable for you to be apprehensive. Health is a very important issue, but it is only one of many important issues. Take the time to understand the facts of the matter, which often show things in a different light. And remember to consider the whole person, and not reduce them to their area of difficulty.

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does family really matter

Does family really matter when it comes to a shidduch?

You may marry “into” a family, but you are not marrying “the” family. People should be assessed on their own merit. At the same time, it is important to know what to try to understand about the family’s role on the person themselves. What type of parenting or family life did they have? How have they dealt with adversity in their upbringing? And, how important is a close connection to your spouse’s family?

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Do I need therapy?

While therapy is designed to deal with traumas and wounds from the past, coaching is focused on helping someone figure out what to do going forward. If you feel stuck in your dating, you might benefit from working with a coach. If you are struggling with a significant issue, you will benefit from working with a therapist.

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