Be a great partner

“The safest way to try to get what you want is to try to deserve what you want. It’s such a simple idea. It’s the golden rule. You want to deliver to the world what you would buy if you were on the other end.” — Charlie Munger

  1. In addition to the things you do as a couple, it’s important to invididually keep putting effort towards being a great partner.
  2. The more love you make your partner feel, the more love you get back. This doesn’t mean doing things for them because they’re things that you like, it means seeing the world through their eyes and doing things that they like.

Tools for being a great partner

Good ole' grattitude takes the win here. Express it often and always. If you do better with structure, try shooting your partner a text 1x/day for 1 week straight with something about them you're grateful for.

The 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work
Book Summary here
Workbook Summary here <-- So unbelievably useful.

Don't let the title scare you, this book is the BOMB. Do not wait until marriage to read it! These are all good exercises, but the “Seven Work Course in Fondness and Admiration” on page 30 of the pdf has a fun daily question to answer over text or in person! Highly recommend reading the book summary as well.

Be attractive
Both partners should read and study this short summary of “The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene. You of course don’t have to do everything in this book all the time, but take special care to avoid the “anti-seducer” (see summary), and pull out other moves every now and then.

For men
If you're a male, read this 30 minute read. Just skip to the summaries at the end of each chapter. Re-read the whole book again in 3 months.