A simplified guide to making your romantic relationship stronger

 Using scientifically proven strategies


Want strategies for making love even more awesome?
We've learned everything we can about what makes relationships thrive and fail, and have implemented them into our own relationship. Our partnership is something we wish for everyone — unconditional love, total support and extreme play. The chance to truly be ourselves with each other. If this is something you and your partner want, then read on for the insights and tools we've found the most useful.

We can boil our learnings and tools down into the following. Explore & grow!

Here’s the roadmap:

Communication is everything [start here, it’s vital]
Be a great partner
Picking the right partner
99% vs 100% commitment
On being each other’s firsts
People lie about their happiness
What you need to know before having kids 

Added in 2018:
If you’re a man, we recommend reading “The Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011.” Yep, odd title. But it’s *excellent.*

If you’re a women, we recommend reading “The Empowered Wife.” My partner says it’s *amazing,* and I don’t know exactly what she’s doing from it, but I like it!

Both of the above apply whether you’re beginning to date or whether you’ve already been married for 40 years.

Get started, now. Investing in your life partnership is extremely important. Take the first steps to getting better at the skill of love.

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